From The Start, almost.

Writing your first post is a bit like being given a beautifully made white canvas, the first lines drawn on it are always the hardest. I will do my best to hold myself back from the eraser!

I am the artist and designer who created back in 2011.  Known predominantly for the delicate colour palettes and whimsical designs inspired by Paris. I have since built on this to become a successful business that will hopefully not just benefit me in my lifetime but of those for generations to come. Inspired by all things fairytale at a young age it was no surprise I saw Paris as another beautiful world and not as the cliché people think it to be.

“Curiouser artwork stories of fairytale landscapes and childhood memoirs.”

Within a practice of screen printed textiles, embroidery and surface pattern I then create artworks to capture the imagination through combining them all. These become my mixed media artworks, though sometimes I use one technique at a time.

Of course, my business journey started way before 2011 and my inspirations even longer before that. Brace yourself for the next post maybe like reading a book. Something I have already been told I should do with an adventurous childhood like mine.